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Welcome to D42 Group, to relentlessly drive the expansion and innovation of our FMCG powerhouse offering integrated solutions worldwide. With a robust global sourcing network spanning diverse geographies, D42 Group is extending its footprint across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our seasoned industry experts provide client-centric solutions based on comprehensive market insights. Partner with us to unlock new opportunities and achieve global success through competitive pricing and strategic expertise.

D42 is a leading FMCG player integrated along the value chain.

Our pride is rooted in a global network comprising over 1000 suppliers. With diverse business segments encompassing production, logistics, trading, and retail, we leverage extensive experience. A notable strength lies in our ability to source high-quality products competitively. Our seasoned team analyzes consumer preferences and market trends, crafting tailored solutions that foster growth and ensure market.

Strategic Global Sourcing

Operating across diverse geographies, providing vast market insights.

Global Presence

1000+ suppliers in 52 countries for top-tier global products.

Experienced Team

Seasoned experts navigating FMCG complexities for precision guidance.


Agri & Industrial

D42 Group's production arm is dedicated to strategic investments, focusing on sectors and regions with substantial growth potential such as fruits, vegetable oils, and aquaculture in the MENA, East Africa, and South-East Asia.

Operating as standalone entities, we drive growth through vertical integration, aiming to become top-tier players.

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D42 Group's logistics arm is more than just transporting goods; it's a commitment to delivering value through streamlined processes and ensuring supply chain efficiency.

Our focus is on providing value-driven logistics excellence, utilizing cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to optimize every step of the supply chain.

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The beating heart of D42 - our Trading business unit is a dominant force in export-oriented food and FMCG products. With a global network linking producers, distributors, and retailers, we are the ultimate trading partner.

Our commitment to excellence, reliability, and diversity ensures unparalleled success, offering a competitive edge through strategic partnerships and a diverse product portfolio.

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Explore a retail revolution with D42, where innovation meets efficiency in the vibrant South-East Asian market offering competitive prices for premium products. Our Largest Discount Chain is set to establish 2000 stores strategically.

From a user-centric E-commerce platform to optimized Food-to-Go Kiosks, Convenience Plus Stores, and tantalizing Ready-to-Eat options.

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