About Us

Welcome to D42 Group, a dynamic force in the FMCG landscape headquartered in Dubai, UAE. Crafted by seasoned industry experts, our dedicated team converges on a singular mission – to establish a comprehensive FMCG powerhouse. From our strong presence within the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, we continue to extend our influence across these regions and beyond.

Diverse Business Segments,
Tailored Solutions

Our business canvas spans trading, logistics, and investments, providing bespoke solutions for our clients' unique needs. Rooted in our team's profound understanding of the Food Value Chain, gained through years of experience, we navigate consumer preferences, market trends, and distribution channels with precision.

Global Network,
Competitive Edge

Pride resonates from our extensive network of over 1000 suppliers globally, granting unparalleled access to the finest products. Our proficiency in strategic sourcing secures high-quality products at competitive prices, enhancing our clients' competitiveness in the market.

Comprehensive Headquarters, Industry Redefined

As a one-stop-shop in the FMCG industry, our seasoned professionals have leveraged deep knowledge to establish a comprehensive headquarters in the UAE. At D42 Group, we don't just thrive; we redefine the industry, creating pathways for growth, innovation, and lasting success.

Expertise Meets Excellence

Welcome to a world where expertise meets excellence, where together, we shape the future of FMCG. At D42 Group, innovation, growth, and enduring success are not just goals; they are the essence of who we are.

D42 Group – not just a company, but a catalyst for transformative growth and enduring success in the FMCG industry.